My Journey

Hello!  I am Amanda Hougas, a happily forever married, first time mom to beautiful twin girls - the Weeb and the Bug - who are the biggest blessings and answered prayer I have ever received.  I was born and raised in Georgia and plan to live out my days right here in Villa Rica (which until we moved here, I had never even heard of.)  I married my "middle school" sweetheart (I was in 8th Grade when we met) and definently believe in love at first sight.  My Daily Benefits is my personal blog, where I share posts about my life, spirituality, loves and all that goes in between.

I am a lover of ALL THINGS Sunday School, as well as a Junior Church and Nursery worker.  In 2003, I began teaching in the first through third grade girls, and in January of this year (2016), I finished my race as Sunday School teacher in the fourth through sixth grade girls.  The hardest decision I have ever made in my life, was to step down from Sunday School.  However, I have peace in my heart that it is now time to teach my children and be their example.

In our house, the diapers are doubled, Doc McStuffins takes away the ouchies, and quietness is a thing of the past!  My Daily Benefits is my outreach... lol.  My goal is to connect my readers to real life, through sharing my stories and thoughts on being a Christian, housewife and twin mom, friend, crazy person at times, while ultimately trying my best to bring honor and glory to God.

I am 100% sure that peanut butter tastes good on just about anything, prayers do get answered, love at first sight does exist, my marriage can last forever, that forgiveness is the key to happiness, friendship is one of the greatest gifts, children are God's heritage and should be treated well, and that the answer to most any question is always Chicken.

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