Valentine’s Day Etiquette for Sunday School Children + Free Valentine's Printables (Teachers & Students)

by - February 01, 2018

Welcome to February, the month of LOVE!  The shops are full of cards, candy, and crazy bottom bouncing stuffed animals.  Classrooms, if they have not already, will be sending out lists of names, and some structured rules for their Valentine’s parties.  We have not reached that level in our house yet, and since we are planning on home schooling, our tissue boxes, will most likely remain tissue boxes.  However, this year marks the first year that the girls will be in their very own Sunday School class.

This mama is so gearing up to do some cute and sweet Valentine’s goodies for their friends and teachers.  One of my favorite things as a Sunday School teacher was getting a little trinket or piece of candy from a child.  Just the fact that they though of me, even if it was literally one Starburst – how precious for a child to say, I have this, but I really want you to have it.  (Note:  Teacher – eat the Starburst!)

Although Valentine’s Day in School and in Church is quite different, you still don’t want to be the breaker of little hearts.  For this reason, I have put together a little Etiquette Guide for the Sunday School Valentine’s Celebration – beginning with the Teachers.  Some of this may already be basic knowledge and you will be like, well… DUH!  Sometimes it’s a good thing to have a little redundancy in the ministry, so that we don’t let it slip to the back of our minds.


Send A Party Handout Home.  It is good practice to send a party hand out home at least two weeks in advance of the party.  For example, if you are having your party on the third Sunday, you will want to send a note home on the first and second Sundays to remind both parents and students that there will be a party.  This is a good place to list any requirements or class rules for this party.  Let parents know what is acceptable and unacceptable in your classroom.  If you have children with severe peanut allergies… let them know – hey, NO peanuts – anywhere, ever!  Would you like parental participation?  Maybe a student can bring drinks and another some cookies.  Don’t feel 100% completely obligated to knock this all out yourself.  Believe it or not, parents and their kids, do want to help in ministry areas.  Always list your contact information on your handouts.  You can get a Printable Valentine’s Day Party Hand Out here.

Always plan for more than enough.  Holidays seem to bring out the Spiritual side of people, which often encourages them to attend a Sunday Service.  If you normally have 13 kids, plan for 20.  It is better to be out a few dollars and have extra candies than it is to send a child home empty handed when the majority of their classmates are scarfing down their goodies.  This is also a good place to ask for parental participation – ask for bags, candies, trinkets, small items.  It will be easier to get assistance if it’s a small number of one thing, rather than a giant shopping list of everything.

Keep physical contact to a minimum.  Yes, Valentine’s Day is a day to express your feelings and emotions to someone you love.  However, not all children are taught the same things at home about physical contact.  What may be okay for little Corey at home, may not be approved by little Ashley’s parents.  If you have a mixed group (boys and girls), it is better to just keep the whole Valentine’s Day Celebration on a completely platonic level.

Allow special gift giving.  If you are giving a special prize, gift, or candies to your entire class, nobody is going home empty handed.  Some of your students only can see each other at church on Sunday.  This might be the only time they will come together with the ability to share a special gift.  Allow this.  If Katie wants to bring Becky a special toy that she got for her, it’s okay.  If you do have reservations about this, or are concerned for hurt feelings, allow them a few moments after class to exchange or give their special gifts.   I have found through personal experience, if something is said by another child, a quick and direct explanation of the situation is usually completely understood.

*FREE* Sunday School Teacher's Valentine's Pack!  Printable Party Announcement and Valentine's Cards


The Valentine’s Party.  No two Sunday School Teachers are the same.  Before you go crazy, planning, spending and crafting your heart out, you may want to talk with your child’s teachers.  See what they are planning.  You may be able to assist them in their efforts, rather than trying to come up and do a whole entire thing.  Coming from experience, sometimes a little offered assistance is much more appreciated and remembered, than a hostile take-over.  Offer to stay and help with the party.  If the teacher rejects this offer, don’t get mad.  Their may be others coming to help, or she may feel uncomfortable with multiple parents in the room.  I know parents always made me more nervous.

Cards, Treats, and Gifts.  Handing out Valentine Cards is normally an acceptable thing during a class party.  If it is not, the teacher should let you know.  However, when giving out anything to a class, DO be inclusive.  Try your best to make sure that every child in the class gets one.  If you happen to be opposed to the all or nothing suggestion, then give each child one for this reason – JESUS!  On a day when we are showing love, your children are going to be learning that Jesus Christ showed his love for all!  Even those who hated him.  There is nothing wrong with your child bringing a special gift for their close friends but do plan for at least 20-25 Valentine’s for everyone.  You can get Printable Valentine’s Day Cards here.

Boxed Cards.  When having so supply a large number of cards for a classroom, boxed Valentine’s Day Cards are the best thing since sliced bread.  If possible, let your kids pick out the cards they want to be giving to their friends.  If they want pretty pink princesses for the girls and manly superheroes for the boys, that’s okay.  These cards are supposed to be a showing of their love in friendship to their friends.  They should be able to pick which ones they want to give out.  Some things to remember though, since it is a Sunday School class, you will want to make sure that they are not adult oriented, or inappropriate for children.

Food and Home Made Goodies.  If your child’s teacher sends a handout home, it may list certain allergies that are present in the classroom.  Please avoid these.  If no hand out is given, or it is not listed, contact the teacher, just to double check to see if there are any severe peanut allergies, or other food allergies that he/she knows of.  They are probably not going to know everyone’s allergies.  It is best to make a allergy friendly food, or grab something store made in a packaged container.

Any area you put kids, candy, treats, and cards in is going to result in a good time.  Remember, your child’s Valentine’s Party is supposed to be FUN!  Don’t get so carried away in trying to make sure that everything is so perfect, or that you come out as the most amazing Pinterest mom, that it ruins the experience for your kids.  Have fun with it, LET THEM HELP as much as possible.  They want to – and you’ll be making memories with them at the same time!

I hope you have a wonderful LOVE month, and don’t forget to snag your FREE PRINTABLE PARTY HAND OUT AND VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS!


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