A Little After Christmas Rant and Revelation

by - January 22, 2018

I waited until after Christmas to post this, so that I could be sure that I had all my facts strait.  Now that the day has passed, I can confidently write this and be sure that what I am saying is truth.  When our first Christmas Toy Catalog came in the mail, back in late October (almost November), the girls went insane.  They sat with their little legs crossed on the floor, flipping through every page.  Now I must say, that I thought with them being only two years old, we would not be having any of this “hot toy” of the year mess yet.

Then it happened!  My little Weeb, saw what she wanted.  Now something to know about her is that she’s so much like me.  She knows she wants something when she sees it.  There is no planning, no gathering of reviews and no time to stop and make sure.  She sees it, she wants it.  Not everything, she’s not a give-me, give-me kind of a girl, she just knows it when she sees it.

A Fingerling Monkey caught her attention.  It was in the back of the catalog, all those toys, and that is what she wanted to have.  A “Monkey Finger” she called it.  Lil Sister Buggie jumped right on board with this decision and she too wanted a monkey finger.  When their daddy got home from work, he was met with two very ecstatic faces and the toy catalog.  After reviewing it with him and making their list, they returned to their monkey finger speech.  “I want it home,” they said.  Which we very quickly figured out meant, this is all I am going to ask for over the next two months.

With a sale price of $12.99 in the catalog, this was not too terrible of a request.  We decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and get them.  So, we’d be sure they would have their precious monkey fingers come Christmas.  SOLD OUT!  They day the catalog comes to my house, mere hours after cracking those crisp pages and seeing the toy of their dreams – it’s gone!  Not just the color they wanted, but ALL the colors.  For the first time, panic of not being able to get them the one thing they are freaking out over for Christmas struck.  I know, they are two, but they are not adamant about many toys.  So, it was important to me, as their mother, to make sure for the Christmas Holiday, their requests were met.

Store after store, site after site, I was hit with SOLD OUT!  Finally, on November 2, I thought my luck ship had come in.  I was scrolling on Facebook and an advertisement for Fingerling Monkeys popped up.  It was sponsored, and this gave me a thought that first, this company is putting money into making sales, they have what I need and OH MY GOODNESS… they are only $12.00!  This was a big deal, because they were being price gauged for over $100.00 (some of the more exotic and special ones).  I’m sold, but I better read the reviews, check out the site and make sure I know what I’m getting.

The Company that I was scoping out is CNDirect.com, and they came highly recommended.  I did read and understand that their main hub is in China, but was reassured that they have a warehouse here in the States, so my confidence was building.  The reviews were hundreds of five-star, happy customers, overjoyed that their product was quickly shipped and beautiful when it arrived.  Okay, well it’s November 2, and I must make sure they are here in time, so I am going to go ahead and order two.  A purple (Buggie) and blue (Weeby).  Shopping and checkout was a breeze, and the shipping was $6.23.  Still doable and not bank breaking.

Wait, I can upgrade to 6-12-day shipping?  Well that’s wonderful, they would be in my hand before December ever got here.  Okay, upgrade accepted, card number given and bam!  I’ve got two Fingerling Monkeys on the way.  Payment cleared immediately, and the wait was on.  Which I also didn’t mind, because I am a horrible gift giver and want you to have it NOW!  (I know I’m not alone here!)  Day 6, no monkeys, that’s fine, I’ll give them 12 days and we are still in the clear.  Day 12, no monkeys, no confirmed shipping, no tracking number.  So I shot an email over with my order number asking what was up.

Two days went by before I got a reply and a shipping tracking number.  They had just shipped, 14 days after I ordered them.  We waited, and we waited.  No monkeys.  Finally, on the first of December, we began trying to contact them.  There was no number for the warehouse in the states, so that was a bust.  Emails were not responded to, the chat now section in customer service was ignored, and any repeated attempts short of hopping a plane and visiting China, went unnoticed.

More than a week went by, and all the while, we thought our nice little gifts were on a plane (because that’s what they showed us when we finally did get a tacking ID).  No, we were finally contacted and explained to that our packages were on a shipping container in the middle of the ocean, but assured they were on their way.  It is now December 15th.  Tracking the package is showing no additional movement, that was a long boat ride!  We were contacted again, by their customer service to let us know they were in California, but they were unable to be unloaded, the Harbor Master (if that’s what they are still called), had blocked the shipment from being unloaded (they said).

Mama panic mode set in hard!  Every day, since October, I had heard at least one (more like a million) that my babies wanted Monkey Fingers for Christmas.  Nobody had them, as soon as they hit the shelves, the nice, pad their pocket, poachers scooped them up.  Well poachers, here I come – I NEED SOME MONKEYS!  Several were being offered on the Market Place on Facebook, so that’s where we turned.  Call us suckers, call us stupid, call us whatever you want, but you will not call us un-delivering parents.  Thomas managed to get two, for the low price of $30.00 EACH!  So, this adventure in Monkey Town is now pulling from our pockets, and we’re in for $85.00.  Again, we were not about to let those little girls down.

On December 16th, we had Monkeys in hand, and all was right in the Christmas world (maybe not our banking world, but that’s a different post.)  I had written off our two little sea fairing monkeys, and figured the girls would like extras when, and if they ever arrived.  The mail was delivered on December 21st, with a tattered and pitiful envelope inside.  Let me stop here, just a second.  If you are shipping crushable packages, across the ocean, at your leisure, at least be kind enough to put them IN A BOX!  I felt the envelope and knew immediately they were crushed.  Blister packs crinkle, but not like that.  I scurried the girls into their room with Grandma, and went to opening this envelope.

Inside I found, two totally different brands of monkeys, neither of which were Fingerling Monkeys (as they were advertised), one box completely ripped open on the bottom, and the other so badly squished, that It was like tissue paper.  The now misrepresented monkeys I had ordered almost TWO MONTHS ago (remember I paid for the 6-12-day shipping), probably don’t even work.  Quietly, I took them out of the box and checked them.  Praise the Lord, they were responsive, and seemed to be in working order.  We repaired the packages, and decided that we would gift them to our small niece and nephew (since they were working and the packages fixes – best we could).

This post probably could have been a little shorter, however, I guess I needed a vent for a moment, not only because I bought some monkeys that were falsely advertised, but because I was disappointed in myself.  That even thought I checked the company, the product and the reviews, we were still slammed with horrible customer service, a non-caring corporation, and all the while, I was staring at two precious faces who only knew one thing… Mama had never let them down before, when it was important.  At their age, Christmas and their requests are IMPORTANT.

Little Weeby would even pray that she would get a monkey for Christmas.  If they had not, would they still have been happy at Christmas?  Of course.  Would they have murdered me in my sleep because they failed to receive monkeys?  No way mans! (Buggie’s favorite phrase right now).  But Oh, My Goodness, if you would have seen her face when she heard it talking in the Christmas tree yesterday morning!  Could you imagine, making her feel like God was just too busy.  That her little monkey prayer was not important.  Some may read this and think we are insane parents, who are spoiling our kids, and just giving them everything they want.  I say No, (because I’m that parent – Ahaha – no that’s not why,) I say NO, because this morning, when my little girls attacked the Christmas tree, somewhere in there, they remembered, and it was put in their heart that GOD DOES ANSWER PRAYERS – even those for monkey fingers.  I want them to ask HIM for everything – to know that every good and perfect gift comes from above.  To be thankful to God, when mama is an insane basket case!  The Lord provided the means for those tiny monkey fingers, and that is what I want them to take away from the day.  The day that God showed them he cared, by providing a way and allowing them to get what they asked for.

Now, as I end this (way longer than I thought) post, I will end it Praising God!  Not myself, not the good poachers, people who had what I was looking for, and certainly not the million-day shipping club.  No, I will Praise God, for giving my baby the gift that she prayed for!

Yay, We're Number 28!

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  1. We haven't been through this yet, but I'm sure it's just around the corner. I'm glad it was a happy ending! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx


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