Why I Loved Shopping With GlassesUSA

by - January 27, 2018

Eye Glasses.  Some love them, some hate them, but if you are like me, they are your only option.  Apparently, my eyes have some sort of contact hating hostility, making it impossible for me to wear them.  The first time I tried, I almost pulled my eyeball out of my head trying to remove them, which is not supposed to happen.  Seriously, my first contacts seared to my eyeball.  Second attempt, with a different brand, prescription, the works – same result.  Of course, I’m not too crushed, just bound for life to be wearing glasses if I want to see anything.

For the last three years, I have been visiting our local Lens Crafters store in the mall.  Which has been stressful to say the least.  The first year was great, went in, go the exam, checked out the frames, and walked out in around two hours.  We didn’t have kids at this time, so chillin’ at the mall for a couple of hours was not a big deal.  Enter the children!  Year two, same scenario, exam went great, frames picked out, and bam – wait time was four hours.  With two five-month old’s, in their strollers.  We don’t live an extreme distance from the location, but leaving and coming back, especially if you are dragging little ones around is close to impossible.  I suppose I am a glutton for punishment, because I returned the third year, again with kiddies in stroller, and did the same thing again!

Today, it was that time again.  Time to get those eyeglasses.  Being a diabetic, I must have yearly exams to make sure that the Diabetes is not affecting my eyes or vision.  You know what I did, I made an appointment with that same Lens Crafters… and I’ll tell you why!  They are the only eye doctor that is open on Saturday, when the hubbs can watch the kids, while mama gets air blown in her eyes.  The actual optical part of the store is amazing!  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and they get you in and out in decent time.  However, the eye exam was the only part I went for today.

This year, I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little, and I ordered my frames with prescription lenses online.  My store of choice – GlassesUSA.  I originally saw them on Facebook a few months ago, and decided to check them out.  Immediately, I was in love with their selections.  Top Brands and Designer frames at a fraction of what they cost elsewhere.  GlassesUSA also offers a wide and various selection on non-designer brands that have an excellent price as well.  They cater to all price points, budgets, and shoppers.  

I am a sucker for a good vintage style cat eye - and they have a slew.  After scrolling through all they have to offer, these are the two I decided on - aaaaaah - I can't wait until they get here!

I’ve made a little list of so far LOVES about GlassesUSA to share with you!

♥   The Coupons / Deals – various coupon and percentages off deals are available on the website.  If you are a first time customer, you can get a good percentage off coupon emailed to you.  I received a 55% my first pair coupon, when I signed up.  Negative to some of the coupons – you can’t use them on just any pair of glasses, premiums and clearance are excluded.

♥   The Selection – their selection is so wide, that it took me almost two months to narrow down a pair of glasses and sunglasses.  Which, I ended up changing my mind about, and going with something different.  I enjoyed the try these on option, although I spent entirely too much time doing so.  Sunglasses and Frames can also be purchased with “fashion” non-prescription lenses.

♥   The Pricing – you can click away from their website with a great pair of glasses for less than $50.  The majority of their frame prices, the lenses ARE included!  There are upgrades available for additional cost, the basic lenses are included.  Also, and this may be one of my most loved thing – NO HIDDEN FEES!  The price I saw on the page, was the price I paid at check out.  The entire process, frames, lenses, and extras, all their prices are laid out as you go.

♥  The Payment – GlassesUSA is FSA friendly.  Our FSA (Flexible Spending Account), was recently opened to include glasses purchases.  So the fact that I could purchase from them without coming out of my own pocket (so to speak) was a HUGE PLUS!  Not only are they FSA friendly, but they offer a no interest payment plan as well, which breaks down your purchase into multiple manageable payments.  Major credit cards along with PayPal are also accepted.

♥   The Guarantee – Hassle Free 100% Money Back Guarantee!  This even includes if you just don’t like how they look on your face!  You can return your glasses under any circumstances and receive a full refund.

Check out was simple, and I even received free shipping.  Somewhere around two weeks from now, I’ll be updating this post with a photo of my new glasses!  Whoo Hoo!  If you are in the market or planning to get a pair of eye glasses or sunglasses, I highly recommend GlassesUSA to you!

This is not an affiliate or sponsored post.  This post is based off the experience I had, while shopping for eye glasses with GlassesUSA.

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