Toddler Holiday Gift Guide {2017}

I’m pretty sure this Christmas has been my most exciting ever – and most stressing.  The girls are finally big enough to tell us what they want for Christmas.  The only problem is, those wants change every day, as well as each time a new catalog is delivered to the house, curse you Toys R Us (just kidding)!  It also does not help that Weeb is a copycat, seriously.  Both of our girls are polar opposites, Weeb is like me, she knows she wants it when she sees it.  This makes spontaneous gift buying for her a little easier.  While Buggie is a planner.  She finds it, she wants it, and she’s not going to change her mind.

Now she just gets on the phone and voice texts people saying, “Dolls, Christmas!”  This has been going on for about a week and a half, every day, she texts her daddy with this message.  So, guess what is setting in the tote downstairs. She fell in love with the My Life As A School Girl Doll, because it has glasses like her mommy (she said - oooh I love her!)

For those like myself, who are struggling with the daily Christmas lists and indecisive kiddies, I’ve put together a little Holiday gift guide for The Toddler.  Gifts that are sure to please, inspire, and dare I say it about a Christmas present, even educate them a little.  So here goes, the 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide – through the eyes of two indecisive two-year olds – hope you enjoy!

My Daily Benefits 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - From the mind of 2 indecisive toddlers.

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Play-Doh is a win with any Toddler, but you add hair styling to it and you’ve got some serious play time love going on!  Toddlers and parents (because face it, we have to help – and we don’t mind, it’s play-doh, right!?) can have tons of fun cranking out curls on the top of Rapunzel’s head and rolling Pascal across the doh to make beautiful braids.  When the commercial for this set comes on tv, my girls stop in their tracks and have a spell! 

Play-Doh Royal Salon Feat. Rapunzel - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

2.  Paw Patrol Interactive Pups | Marshall | Skye | Everest
When our first Toy Catalog came, this was in it, and oh boy, did the girls go crazy.  Anything Paw Patrol is a win with the kiddos.  With Zoomer Marshall, Skye, or Everest, your tot can feel like they are a part of the Paw Patrol, as they go through the over 80 interactive missions with their pup.  They will have hours of fun with Marshall, helping him find Chickeletta (everyone’s favorite purse chicken), or Flying over and rescuing Adventure Bay friends with Skye, and even helping Everest rescue the Adventure Bay Animals and so much more!  Shhh… don’t tell, but I would totally play with this toy – minus the kids! Ha!  Paw Patrol is on a roll this Christmas!  These are sold separately, to view each pups information please click their name link above.

** Skye & Everest Not Shown **  Click Name Link to View Information

I love this because, at the Steam Works, there is fun for the whole family.  Build and play for day – which is what my husband is seriously planning on doing.  I’m pretty sure he had this on his Christmas list too!  It’s so exciting watching the girls get into new toys and characters and Thomas Train (as Buggie calls him) is perfect for everyone.  This set comes with three trains, Thomas, Percy (I love him) and a mini James.  A really cool feature with the Super Station is that it works with trains you already have too (if you have them).  There is no need in running out an buying a million more.  This was actually the first gift we got for the girls this year, the hubbs was pretty excited about this one.  Now we’ve just got to build it.  It comes unassembled with snap together sections.  Also, for the littler littles, the tracks can be placed on the floor around the Steam Works instead of up on the stilts.

Thomas the Train & Friends Super Station Play Set - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

Even though my girls are not “girlie girls,” they LOVE their nails painted.  It’s hilarious and precious to watch them set in the floor with their daddy and him paint their nails.  In return, he endures the torture of them painting his as well – the last color was black (they picked it out during Halloween)!  Enter Piggy Paint!  It is available online, but Walmart has it as well, or at least our does.  This polish set comes with 3 vibrant colors and 1 neutral.  It is 100% Non-Toxic (important) and safe for kids, babies, and those who are expecting.  Don’t buy your pregnant friends polish, unless their hubbies are planning on painting a lot of toes (lol!)  I always use nail time as a kind of “spa trip” and pamper my girls a little.  They giggle and laugh as we play and polish – it’s memories made that I will cherish forever!
Piggy Paint!  Baby, Toddler, Kids and Adult SAFE Nail Polish. - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

This is not on the girl’s list this year, because they already have them, but I wanted to share because it’s perfect for those littles who want to feel like they are independently talking to someone.  Every day one of the girls calls their daddy on this phone.  One of the best features I think is that this phone helps them learn not only numbers and letters, but phone numbers and so much more.  You can program your actual phone numbers under Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa.  Once a contact is selected, the phone calls out the name “Grandma” (or other choice) and their phone number.  It also comes with so many games and additional activities, the littles will be playing for hours (well toddlers never really play with anything for hours, but you’ll get a good 10 minutes of free-time – hahah!)

Vtech Call and Chat Learning Phone - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

We have had these around the house since the girls were about 10 months old, when they really started showing an interest in books.  These are perfect for the little reader, the size is great for small hands.  12 sturdy board books, all themed with the same characters (mostly) fill a library case, which is amazing for storage.  Although, our girls, ditched the books on the bookshelf and the case became their first “puuse” (purse).  They would store their little toys and figures inside and carry them around the house everywhere.  The My First Library Sets come in a huge variety of characters and themes.  We have Disney Princesses and Disney Junior sets here at the house, and even though they have been through it a bit, they are still holding up and still get read on a regular basis.  (Note:  The link for this opens up the Amazon search page for the Box Sets – there are just so many to choose from.)

My First Library Board Book Sets w/ Carrying Case - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits.

Magnadoodle meet Steroids!  This is one of our girls most favorite writing toys.  Not only does it have a magnetic pen to draw on the mat, but it is a sensor pen as well.  When you select a function from the oh so many to choose from, this pen can sense what they are doing.  Drawing Shapes, Writing Letters, Numbers, it knows if they are going in the right directions and tells them step by step how to get the job done.  I love toys that can travel and this is a great one for the car rides and trips.

Vtech Write & Learn Creative Center - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

You can't forget about bath time!  Of all the toys my girls have had in the bathtub this far, the ones they love the most are CUPS!  The entire time they are in there, they fill and dump their measuring cups.  Recently they have started rinsing each other, which is hilarious.  The first thing they go for are the armpits – don’t ask me why!  Filling and dumping cups is also great sensory play.  Keeping the water in the tub, now that’s just fun mama play (urg!)  

Stacking Cups Early Educational Toddlers Toy Bathtub Toys with Numbers & Animals Game  -  2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

Trampolines are awesome in general, but you put one in your living room (or play area) and they become the best thing ever!  We purchased these for the girls, in theory to help run down some energy before bed.  It does work great for this, but they play on these any chance they get.  Weeb is my daredevil child, and tries to do tricks on hers, with much success.  I found that incorporating these where the television is, has been much of a benefit for me and my girls.  They get to watch their favorite shows and get much needed activity at the same time.  A total mom win, especially when the weather is bad or it’s dark outside.
Little Tykes 3' Trampoline - 2017 Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits

You knew this was coming – lol.  The first time we saw twin baby dolls at the store, our girls were so excited.  Event though they are young, they know they came at the same time, so any Baby that comes together with it’s sibling is a love fest for twins!  I especially liked that they come with two different colored eyes.  Weeb has brown eyes and Buggie has blue eyes (I told you – polar opposites), so they could each get a doll that was like them (BONUS!)  At almost 2 and a half, we are really getting into loving on babies.  They say Hey to every baby they see when we are out, it’s crazy, they are some baby loving girls.  Recently, our set of twin babies (not exactly like these) are our go to sleep buddies at night.  It’s precious watching them love and care for these dolls, to them, they are not just toys!  We’ve even had a few times catching the girls trying to teach them to walk.  I do not recommend or endorse holding your baby by the head to teach them, but . . . well . . . yeah!
JC Toys Lots To Cuddle 13" Twin Baby Dolls - 2017 Toddler Holiday Gift Guide - My Daily Benefits


This is not a "Toddler's Hot Toy" list.  Some of these are toys that we currently have and others are those on this year's Christmas list.  Those we already have, I wanted to share them because, they have brought so much fun, joy and excitement to our girls.  I hope you have the best Christmas yet and make so many, many memories with your little ones.

What's on your child's wish list this year?

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