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Put On A Happy Face in 2018 My Theme For The New Year!

In the film Bye Bye Birdie, (the one with Dick Van Dyke) poor Rosie, just can’t catch a break.  She’s in love with a man, who’s mother refuses to let him be himself, while he think’s he is doing right in taking sole care of his mama.  Not until mama finds a love interest does she give her complete blessing to her baby boy in marrying little Rosie.  No, this is not a post about his mama – but there is a song in this movie, that I love.  Put On A Happy Face – one stanza states, I knew a girl name Rosie, she’d never laugh or sing, she’d never listen to me, now she’s a mean ole thing . . .

Hi, My Name Is Rosie!

I consider myself a normally happy person, however, when you ask my face it’s a different story.  Seriously, people are always asking me if I’m okay, or what’s wrong with me.  Now I just say, y’all, it’s my face.  Believe it or not your face develops something called a repose over time.  This simply means that the position it is in most of the time, is the one it returns to after any other expression.  I have an angry / frustrated repose.  There are so many reasons that my face sticks this way, but that would be a whole other post entirely, and I’m still singing Put On A Happy Face, in my head and we just won’t go there.  

A little while ago on Facebook, I took one of those motto quizzes.  Yes, I plan my whole year on a Facebook quiz – not really!  But I took one, and it said that my motto for this year would be . . . Choose Being Happy.  It was not the words written on the result that made me want to Put On My Happy Face, or Choose Happiness as my goal for 2018 – it was the pictures.  The pictures of my family.  My babies, the ones that I thought I would never have, and still would not had it not been for God’s Grace and Mercy.  My husband, that I truly do not deserve, but year after year, I can still look over and see his face and watch him be Daddy to those same babies.  Yes, it was this crazy putting the kids to bed quiz that made me realize that I do have everything in the world to be happy about – and it’s time to CHANGE THIS FACE!

Each photo you see surrounding Choose Being Happy, is a happy memory.  The first one, when we announced to all of our friends on Facebook that we would be adopting our precious girls.  That was on Mother’s Day 2015.  The family photo we had taken at the park.  The wake up in the morning photo, when we used to just play in the bed all morning.  The diaper baby photo, that we took when we got the news that Buggies hernia was healing properly.  The black and white of us as teenagers, taken in my living room, back in 1995.  On the bottom, you will see the birth of our ANSWERED PRAYER by God.  A date night we had before they were born, we went to a Scottish Pipe Band Concert.  Our purple first family pictures when the girls were four months old.  Our first family Christmas photo, and finally, the photo where it looks like I’m going to eat Weeb, we were at Stone Mountain.

Seeing all these photos brought back all those happy memories at one time, and it was right then, that I realized that YES!  I SHOULD CHOOSE BEING HAPPY – and it’s time that my face got with the program.  It’s time to repose the repose, and to do that, I’m just going to gather some Scriptures to take to memory and into my heart.  Photos can only last so long, but God’s Word, now that is a thing that lasts forever!  My mind may forget how it felt the day we took our Christmas photos, or what songs were played at the band concert, but God’s Word, in my heart – that’s going to be there forever!

Paul, one of the greatest men of the New Testament, the giver of 13 Books in the New Testament, when standing before King Agrippa said, “I think myself happy, king Agrippa, because I shall answer for myself this day before thee touching all things whereof I am accused of the Jews:”  (Acts 26:2)  What is my life compared to Paul’s?  In comparison, I have not suffered one day, when putting my life up against his.  Tortured, beaten, imprisoned, and many attempts on his life, he suffered.  With all that he THINKS HIMSELF HAPPY!

“Happy is that people, that is in such a case:  yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.”  (Psalm 144:15)  My God is the Lord!  There are have been so many prayers in my life that the Lord has answered, and not just for myself.  When my dad was in the hospital, the night before he died, he was going through his whole life in his mind.  When I talked to him last, where he was (mentally) he didn’t even have children yet.  The last thing he said to me was, I love you.  God gave him his mind back, one more time, long enough for that to be my last memory.  I went home, and I prayed.  I prayed for the Lord to take him, if he was going to suffer, be in pain, or live a miserable life after.  I knew that he was Saved, and that he would not want to live like that.  The next morning, God answered my prayer and took him home.  I will be happy in the fact that God answers prayers that break our hearts, because HE CAN AND WILL mend them!

Anything the Lord says twice, is worth taking note of.  In 1 Kings 10:8 and 2 Chronicles 9:7 the Lord tells us, Happy are thy men, (and) happy are these thy servants, which stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom.  The only difference between the two is in 2 Chronicles “and” is added before happy are these thy servants.  It’s hard to stand in the presence of holiness and be angry.  Each day, I will have to remind myself that I am constantly in the presence of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirt.  Where these three dwell can be nothing but happiness for the people next to them.  God’s Word is readily available to me (PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!) and I have time that I can set aside to listen to his wisdoms preached.  To Choose Being Happy means that I am going to have to make a choice – the choice to stand in the presence of God and listen to what he says.  This is not always easy, the flesh wants what it wants, and sometimes I become lazy and give in to it.

But for now – this moment – in the upcoming year, I WILL THINK MYSELF HAPPY!  What will you choose for your life in 2018?

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