This Year We Are Saying Bye Bye to Santa – The Third Time Was Not The Charm!

I absolutely love every aspect of the Christmas season.  Growing up, our Christmas tree went up each year on Thanksgiving.  This is the tradition that we have started with our girls.  My childhood trees stayed lit and beautiful until January 1st.  For me, this is just too long and somewhat depressing.  When Thomas and I moved into our first house back in 2002, we were coming off a two year stretch of NO CHRISTMAS!  That’s right, we did not celebrate Christmas traditionally for two years.  Thanks to a zealous Bible teacher and a little green book, exposing the wrongs of the traditional Christmas – I don’t know the title, and I would not recommend it if I did.  I can say though, that Christmas was one of the best Christmas’ we had shared with our family in many years.  No one complained, everyone was excited and happy with their gifts, and the food was delicious.  I’ll always remember that Christmas.

We had always said that we would not do the traditional Santa Claus role with our kids either.  They would be taught the historical, real man that gave gifts to children a very long time ago, and that his spirit of giving has reigned down through the centuries with love and laughter.  Fast forward to 2015 – our girl’s first Christmas.  It’s amazing how you change your thought process when you remember all the joy that Santa brought to you as a child.  Okay, so we are so doing Santa!  Our first trip to the mall, Thanksgiving 2015.  In matching striped dresses, we placed our darling baby girls in the lap of the very first Santa they had ever seen.  No biggie.  They were only four months old, so there was not much they could do about it.  Besides the hilarious faces, the pictures came out great, and we did the whole first Christmas crazy parents and bought every single one we could.  They bank on that you know, first time parents wanting to capture every moment of their littles. 

Our second Christmas was not quite as thrilling.  Just like the year before, Thanksgiving day, we dressed the girls in their I Stole Santa’s Cookie pajamas, and carted them off to the mall.  In my mind, we were going to get beautiful, sneaky, cookie thieving pictures with Santa.  Everything was going great, until we put them on Santa’s lap.  There went the waterworks, the screams and the reaching for mama and daddy.  The adorable pictures in my head were quickly turned into a nightmare of torture by a bearded stranger.  We did purchase the photos, not as many as the year before, and added them to their visit with Santa picture book.  Maybe next year they’ll do better.

The girls now love the “idea” of Santa.  They like movies with him in them, songs about him, and they both talk about Santa all the time.  But about three weeks ago, I knew we were still in troubled waters.  While walking through Walmart, there he was.  Santa, just standing in the center isle, greeting kids and talking with employees.  That’s when it happened.  We got too close.  Buggie almost climbed up my arm trying to get away from him, while still setting in the cart.  Weeb let out a scream and cry that probably scared the mess out of the people over in the dairy section (other side of the store).  Quickly, we smiled and did our, pardon our kids freaking out at the sight of you face and went on our way.  As soon as we were 8 or 10 feet away, they stopped crying.  This is when I first toyed (hahaha) with the idea of not doing Santa with the girls.

Jump again to November 25th.  A friend of ours owns a little shop in the center of downtown Dallas, and had posted on Facebook that they would be hosting Santa at their shop.  Okay, so we’re going to go see Santa for real this time.  We got up, got the girls dressed in their little dresses, and headed that way.  The perfect downtown Christmas set up.  Trimmings were hung in the square and my friend had Santa set up in the most beautiful style, setting right in the front window, that had been painted to look like you were looking through a stone cabin.  It was beautiful.  The girls seen Santa in the window.  Weeb starts waiving like crazy, saying, “Hi Santa! Hi Santa!”  It was looking very promising.  Buggie, well, she is just a reserved child anyway, so her excitement could be seen on her face, but she’s not making any sudden movements.  We walk in, my friend is the cutest little elf, and we start back toward Santa Claus himself.  Almost immediately it began, the clinging and the crying.  The closer we got, the louder it became.  Finally, there we were, holding two screaming toddlers, next to a standing Santa.  After about a minute, it was not getting any better.  Buggie was holding on to her daddy so tight that she was shaking and scream/crying in terror.  Weeb turned her head to look at Santa and lost her mess!  It was that I’m so scared, I’m screaming but it’s not coming out terror.

A few minutes of torture, for the kids and anyone in earshot, and we were finished.  We apologized and made our way to the door.  After removing the kids, we sat on a bench outside for a minute.  Santa was kind enough to walk around and get to the side where the kids could not see him, and we did manage to get a family together Christmas with Santa picture.

The third time was not the charm!  After talking it over, we decided, this really is not a big deal.  Our girls are shy and reserved with everyone, even people they know, but Santa Claus scares them.  Not a Boo!  Halloween scare, he literally terrifies my children.  Scarring them to death is not a tradition that I really want to catch on, there are spiritual applications when it comes to scaring children that can leave long term damage.  I’m not willing to take that risk.  No, we will not be doing Santa.  When they are older, maybe they will want to have their photo taken with him, maybe they won’t.  Either way, now it will be their choice.  There will be enough forcing and making them do things in their lives, and taking a photo with Santa and torturing them is not something I want to do ever again. 

Sometimes, you have to back up and realize that you need to go with your original plan.  We are going to do the mess out of some Christmas traditions in our family.  So far, this one just has not worked in our favor.  I’m afraid that if we emphasize the things that are not important, and make them do them anyway, when it comes times for the big decisions and actions, they may feel so much fear and pressure that they just back off completely and not even mess with it.  That could be a severely bad thing.  So here’s to not torturing our babies during the Holiday Season. 

Merry Christmas Season!  What are some traditions that you will be doing or not doing with your kids this year?

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  1. We are taking our toddler to see Santa for the first time this year and I fear she will be scared. If she is then we will just find some other fun things to do every December, I like to make Xmas tree decorations with them. #blogstravaganza

    1. Hopefully she won't be scared. One of the best parts of the Holiday Season is that there is so many different things to do. So if one (Santa) does not work out, there is still so much more! Fingers crossed that she does great though, I'd love to hear how she does. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We thought about taking ours this year, but I truly believe it'll be more trouble than it's worth! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. I totally understand that. As mamas we have to pick our battles wisely - lol! Guess I get kind of an out because they have always been terrified of Santa. Thanks for stopping by and for hosting another great week of #Blogstravaganza!


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