SAVED & SECURE - My First Scripture Writing Plan

by - September 01, 2017

There are so many struggles in getting Saved and never doing anything with it, but for me, the biggest struggle would have to be, was it real.  Did I really get saved, or did I just go through the motions?  It took me a long time to realize that yes! I did accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, but that I am still human and very prone to give into my flesh.  I pray that you are not struggling with Salvation or Eternal Security, but I know that I was not alone in this battle.

After trying Scripture Writing for myself and realizing just how much of a help and blessing it is, I wanted to offer that to someone else.  I came up with my first Scripture Writing Plan.  I chose something that I have struggled with in the past, because being 100% sure that you are SAVED and SEALED is the most, MOST important thing we need to know as people and especially as Christians.  Also, it never hurts to take a refresher course.

If you have not done a Scripture Writing Plan before, I encourage you so much to do so!  Also, if you do decide to do this plan, I’d love for you to share your journey with us, in the comments, or on social media by using #MyDailyBenefits.  I look forward to hearing from you and sharing in your journey – let’s start a beautiful conversation!

Scripture Writing Tips:
  • Pray before you pen!  Take a moment each day and pray.  Ask the Lord to open His Word to you, and give you a piece or reaffirm to you that you are truly Saved and Secure in your eternity.  If you are not 100% sure that you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ and have been born again, please read this first.
  • Eternal Security Scriptures are some of the most important in God’s Word.  If these Scriptures are not marked in your Bible already, pick a color for them, then use a color pencil (I love these because there is no bleeding) and mark them with a “specific” color.  This way you can go right to them when you need a recharge of security or you want to share them with someone who might be struggling in that area.

Yay!  We're Number 8!

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