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by - August 11, 2017

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The Hubbs and I have always known that if we ever had children, we would most definitely be home schooling them.  It has been a dream to start a child out with a playful preschool at age 2.  We would incorporate the Bible with all the necessary things they need to learn.  This dream is about to become a reality!  I cannot believe that my little babies turned 2, a week ago!

In September, we will begin our 3 Day Preschool Home School!  I am beside myself excited to start this new journey with the girls.  We are creating a classroom downstairs in part of our basement (post to follow).  Structure wise, I think it’s good for them to have an area to get up and go to in the mornings.  The beauty of home school is you do what works best for your children.  This is what works for us, I know not everyone home schools this way, and that’s wonderful – it’s about how your children learn the best!

I jumped on Pinterest (see the many, many 2 year old Curriculum Pins here!) to find out what they will need to learn before entering into Kindergarten.  Let me just stop here and say that children today “should” know way more things than we had to when I went to Kindergarten.  If I can teach them these things, by the time they are ready for Kindergarten (and with God’s help – I certainly can), then I will continue to home school.  If for some reason, I bomb out and they know absolutely nothing by age 5, this mama will be seeking other alternatives – lol.

I HAVE FOUND AN AMAZING CURRICULUM, that is right up our alley!
There are so, so, so many curriculum options for Home Schooling out there.  Where do you start?  I started with Pinterest and searched Free and Printable Home School for Toddlers.  After going through a few, and I recommend never go with the first option - view them ALL!  I have found a curriculum that I LOVE!

The ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum is perfect for my kids!  Not only does it incorporate Bible Lessons, in with each day, it gives you a structured element to plan the day - with PLAY!  So what is ABC Jesus Loves Me all about... well to quote them, "The ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum is a comprehensive, researched based toddler and preschool curriculum for ages 1-5, focusing on Bible, academics, and development.  Each curriculum contains goals and objectives to gauge the child's learning and growth.  Beyond the weekly lesson plans, ideas, and materials are provided to support parents and teachers along the way." (from the ABC Jesus Loves Me Website)

I'd like to share with you some of my love with the ABC Jesus Loves Me Home School Curriculum.

1.   There are two options for getting this curriculum:

  • The Purchase Option:  You can purchase the booklets for the year, each booklet is spiral bound, and very well laid out.  With easy to follow teacher and student instructions.  I must note, that any use of the curriculum outside of your Family Use, a license must be purchased.
  • The Freebie Option:  You can get it at your fingertips right at home!  They offer the curriculum FREE of Charge, provided you are using it for Family Member (your kids) use.  Since I am using it for my own children, at home, this is the option that I have selected to do for our first year, "The Trial Run," lol.

2.   You are not left in the dark!  Everything is explained to you on how to work this curriculum.  For a first time Home Schooler, this was very important.  Home School is much different than stepping into a Sunday School class each week (at least for me!) For Starters, you get. . .

  • An overview of the entire school year.
  • A supply list of what you will need, for the entire year, as well as info on how to use what you have at home already - so you don't go broke getting supplies.
  • 36 Weeks of Lesson Plans, including review weeks and Holiday extras.
  • Everything you need to have a playful and fun preschool year!

3.   It's not just made up as they go along.  Each aspect of a child's preschool education was thought of when designing this curriculum.  Every day, every lesson deals with the main functions and knowledge needs of your child.  It is set up on a three (3) days a week schedule.  Each day includes activities and learning for the following areas:

  • The Bible:  A Story Lesson, memory verse, and Bible Song.
  • Poetry / Rhyming
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Information (name, address, phone... etc.)
  • Self-Care and Manners
  • A Book of the Week - that goes along with what you are learning!
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fun Games & Activities to get your child excited about learning!

It is these three reasons, along with all of the support and information you are given through this program that has made me choose the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum for my girls first Pre-School Year at age 2!  I cannot wait to get in there and get learning with them.  They are so much fun and have so much energy, and I am glad that I have found a curriculum that will match them with that!

Do you home school?  Drop me a comment and let me know what curriculum you are using and why you love it!

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You can find out more information on the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum by visiting their Website

Yay!  We're Number 7!

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  1. Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting all the way from Malaysia!

  2. It's so great that there are numerous curriculums out there for you to choose from. Education is definitely not a once size fits all thing! It sounds like you're super organised and ready to go! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    1. Glad you stopped by! There really are so many, it's hard to pick. I am kind of a disorganized mess, but I play organized and ready on the blog. ahahah! Trying to figure out what works best for 2 girls the same age is what has been the most stressing. Glad I could share again - Thanks for hosting!

  3. Sounds like yours girls are going to have an excellent start. Peachy will be 2 in December and I wonder if we could do something like this. Although I don't feel capable of tackling home schooling all of her education, it couldn't hurt to try a bit on our own before she starts school. Thanks for joining #Blogstravaganza. Hope to see you again.

  4. You should totally try it! Not only will she be learning, but it will be time and memories for both of you to enjoy. There are so many activities, I am not sure how much it will feel like school. It does seem overwhelming thinking of homeschooling them the entire time, starting them at 2, I feel I'll be able to ease into it a little better. Let me know if you decide to start, we can share in the Schooling of the 2's journey - lol! Thanks for stopping by, see you again soon on the Blogstravaganza!


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