The Blogiverse: 7 Share Worthy Posts You'll Want To Read This Week

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Throughout the day, you can usually find my phone in one of three places.  I take tons of pictures of the girls, so you will probably find it in my hands.  There is also my hiding place, under my leg, squashing it while playing keep away from the non-fans of the Mamarazzi I have become.  Then there's that third place, the place it apparently goes to escape.  I seriously lose this thing on a daily basis.

When I do get a chance to jump on Twitter, Facebook or just play around the Blogiverse, I like to read and check out posts from other bloggers.  Often it takes me all day to read a post because my Buggie wants to pop over to Snapchat and be a pup-pup, and yes, I let her... why?  The Mamarazzi of course, I cannot get enough pictures of these girls!

I have no idea how a post about what I'm reading turned into a post about taking my kids pictures, but it did!  Anywhoo - Here are 7 Blog Posts that I read this week that you'll want to read too!  I'd love to hear what you're reading from other bloggers - Sharing the Love makes the Blogiverse go round!

7 Mom Blog Posts You'll Want To Read This Week

1.   Mmm . . . Baby!
      Posted on Munchkin Shenanigans

2.   How To Potty Train In 3 Days + Potty Chart Printable
      Posted on The Garcia Diaries

3.   Why I Deleted The Facebook App (And You Probably Should Too)
      Posted on Raising Seraphim

4.   Putting Together The Perfect Mom Uniform
      Posted on The Rambling Ramnaths

5.   10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Home School
      Posted on As We Walk Along The Road

6.   Kindness Rocks . . . In Pensacola
      Posted on Moscato Mom

7.   Creative Ways To Incorporate More Happiness Into Your Life
      Posted on Mom Bloggers Club

What share worthy posts have you read this week? 

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