Christian Questions Blog Series, Week 2

Wednesday   :|:   July 5, 2017   :|:   Blog Series

In Week 1 of our Christian Questions Series, we looked at who God is and what he does.  This week, we are turning to man.  Where did we come from?  How were we created? And what lead to our separation from God?  Along with several others.  I am not an expert by any means, and I do not have all the answers.  There is only one place we can find the knowledge and answers to these questions - the Scriptures.  So without rambling, because I tend to do that, let's dive into the 13 Christian Questions we have this week.  I have included a free printable (at the bottom of the post) of this week's questions and answers as well.  This series is wonderful for Personal Study, Sunday School Classes and Group Bible Studies.

Christian Questions Blog Series - Week 2

The Blogiverse: 7 Share Worthy Posts You'll Want To Read This Week

Monday      :|:      July 3, 2017      :|:      Likes & Loves

Throughout the day, you can usually find my phone in one of three places.  I take tons of pictures of the girls, so you will probably find it in my hands.  There is also my hiding place, under my leg, squashing it while playing keep away from the non-fans of the Mamarazzi I have become.  Then there's that third place, the place it apparently goes to escape.  I seriously lose this thing on a daily basis.

When I do get a chance to jump on Twitter, Facebook or just play around the Blogiverse, I like to read and check out posts from other bloggers.  Often it takes me all day to read a post because my Buggie wants to pop over to Snapchat and be a pup-pup, and yes, I let her... why?  The Mamarazzi of course, I cannot get enough pictures of these girls!

I have no idea how a post about what I'm reading turned into a post about taking my kids pictures, but it did!  Anywhoo - Here are 7 Blog Posts that I read this week that you'll want to read too!  I'd love to hear what you're reading from other bloggers - Sharing the Love makes the Blogiverse go round!