Call Me The Wasp Whisperer! How The Lord Used This "Freak Me Out" Bug To Teach Me

by - June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017 by Amanda Hougas

My girls love to look out their bedroom window.  They do it every single day.  The birds, cars and neighbors coming leaving and coming, excites them like crazy.  When they woke up this morning, we did our normal routine of going into their room, pulling back the curtains and opening up the blinds, if the weather is nice, up goes the window.  This MUST be done or we have some seriously mom fail issues – ha!

It was beautiful when we woke up this morning.  When I pulled the blind this morning, I noticed a wasp clinging to the screen, on the inside.  Explaining to two 20 month old girls that you can’t open the window is a feat in itself, but having to tell them the bug they are trying to catch through the glass is BAD/HURT for them, well that was a monumental task.  They don’t know BAD/HURT yet!  The worse that has happened to them in their life time is that they have fallen down in the driveway.  Seriously, last week we had to stop Weeb from trying to catch a yellow jacket.

They finally get over the whole “the window is not opening” and go play in their Grandma’s room.  After about an hour or so, here we go, back to the window, now they are saying PEEZE!  They need this window to open.  OKAY – Mama is on it, get out of your room!  Into the kitchen, I get a glass and some paper.  I felt a little like a bomb squad member opening the window.  Super slow, praying don’t fly…don’t fly… oh I am so getting stung.  Slowly I put the cup over the wasp, trapping it between the cup and the screen, slip the paper through the middle and voila! the wasp is trapped in the glass.

Now we are not in a good area to figure out I am not all that great at pulling paper and a cup with a wants to kill me wasp inside.  Thankfully I found some cardboard and there we had it.  I take my victim out to the back porch.  I’m feeling a little humane today, even if it is a wasp, I just don’t want it in my house.  So I lay the glass down on the ledge and walk back in the house.

Now, I’m watching this wasp.  It’s trying to climb up the sides and to get through the bottom of the glass.  This little bug is going everywhere except the opening.  This wasps freedom is seriously two inches from it, and there it goes, climbing up the sides again.  That’s when it happened.  The Lord spoke to me so softly.  He said, this is the problem with my children.  Freedom is right there, and they struggle and fight to find their own way out of their troubles.

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:  no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”  (John 14:6)  I am so thrilled to say that I know Jesus!  I have walked in his way to get to the Father and obtain everlasting life!  I know the truth and the truth is there is no other way to eternity with God than through Jesus Christ.  Not only do I know the truth, but there is a severe advantage to it.  Just like me and that wasp, Jesus offers me freedom.  Problem is, I too many times and trying to find my own way out of the mess.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”  (John 8:32,36)  The difference between being made free and set free is choice!  I was made free the day I accepted Jesus Christ, whether or not I embraced that freedom was my choice.  Do I turn from the mess in the glass and take the easy and open way out?  Or do I continue to smash my face into the glass over and over again, expecting it to work each time?

I think it’s time, as Christians, those who know the truth in Jesus Christ, to take a tip from the little wasp that was in my daughter’s window.  Eventually, that little thing figured it out and flew right out of the glass.  Embrace the freedom that only Jesus makes, turn away from the bottom of the glass and fly right out of the top, to live the life that Jesus is offering.  Over the years, I have spent a lot of time, banging my head and trying to figure it out myself.  The moment I stop, look around and find what Jesus wants for me, BAM! Instant relief and freedom.

So today, as strange as it may seem, I want to Thank the Lord for this wasp!  For allowing it to be used by him to remind me that my freedom has already been paid for, it's just up to me to walk out the door and embrace it!

Has the Lord ever used something that seems insignificant to speak to you?

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