Can You Put A Price On Your Virtue?

June 20, 2017 by Amanda Hougas

A ruby is one of the world’s most beautiful gems.  Uncut, they are not much to look at though, just a beautifully colored little blob.  Recently, an 11 carat, uncut ruby was selling on Ebay for $1,090, just roughtly under $100 per carat.  Once that ruby is purchased, it will be cut into beautiful shapes and polished, added to a setting and become a gorgeous piece of jewelry.  This is where the money magic happens.  A cut and polished Ruby is of more value, than in its original form.  The price, if done correctly, can jump from $100 per carat to $15,000 – per carat – so in all actuality, that little blob is worth over $165,000.  Of course this all depends on its origin, color, size and clarity.

Solomon, while explaining life to his son, told him that a virtuous woman, that is a woman who lives and upright and moral life is worth more than rubies.  Rubies, although I own none, are not a rare gem.  You can find them, mine them, and purchase them if you have the right resources.  So why would a virtuous woman be worth more than that?  Through your day today, look around.  Watch the women you come into contact with on a daily basis.  How much virtue do you see?  On Facebook alone, the virtue is literally nil.  But a woman who loves God and lives a clean, moral and upright life… now that, my friend is a rarity!  That is why her price is FAR above rubies.

Today, just for a little bit, I’m going to be a ruby.  Yes, that sounds weird.  Just imagine a big red blob, setting at her desk, while her husband and children are sleeping, typing out this post.  Can you see me?  LOL!  Let’s break me down and see just what kind of a price I’d have.

Origin:  The World
Color:  Blood Red
Size:  494,424 Carats
Clarity:  Non-Transparent
Price:  $7,500 per Carat
Total Value:  $3,708,180,000

Wow!  Let’s see them add that to the Net Worth pages.  If I were a ruby, I’d be worth billions!  Now, I’m kind of wishing I were a ruby – haha!  Even though that’s a lot of money, God thinks that a virtuous woman, is priced FAR above that.  If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times, you cannot put a price on life.  And it is a true statement.  The value of a person, their life, and their time is not something you can price.  You notice that my color is “blood” red.  For me to be worth more than 3 Billion dollars (by monetary standards), someone had to give their life.  Without the Blood of Jesus Christ, I am simply a rock in the dirt.  Hidden and untouched by light.  Jesus said, he is the light.  All through John chapter one, he is talked about as the Light, the light of men, and the Lamb of God, which taketh away the Sin of the world.

A virtuous woman, is a woman who has been saturated in that light!  The light of Jesus Christ.  With each moment she spends with him, he chips away the world, cuts away the mess, and polishes her to perfection.  The closer connected she is to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more transparent she becomes.  It is difficult to live an immoral and sinful life when you are in constant contact with the one who gave his life for you.

I want you to take out a piece of paper right now, and find your Ruby Value – no, it’s not stupid!  As humans, we put a price on everything.  Every aspect of our lives is categorized by how much it costs.  If it were not so, people would not be making millions of dollars teaching us how to budget each and every little part of it.  There are 2,268 Carats in a pound.  You know how much you weigh, so times that by the carats in a pound.  None of us will be perfect until we are standing face to face with our Heavenly Father, so you are also a non-transparent Ruby.  We are half price! 

What is your Ruby Value?

We all want to be valued.  How much am I worth to my family?  How much am I worth to my job?  It’s time to stop a minute and ask yourself, How much are you worth to God?  You are the worth the price of his Son!  There is not a value high enough to be placed on that.

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