Christian Questions Blog Series, Week One

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Peter said, “Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, AS NEWBORN BABES, DESIRE THE SINCERE MILK OF THE WORD, that ye may grow thereby:”  I Peter 2:1-2

With that being said, what kind of Bible teaching and preaching do you enjoy most?  Are you a Drinker, who likes the sweet, nourishing, milky flow of God’s Word, or are you a Carnivore, waiting impatiently to sink your teeth into the meat that God has placed before you?  One of the major keys to living a Christian life is growth.  We are supposed to be growing in God’s grace and mercy, and knowledge of His Word.  If our children suddenly stopped growing we would take them to the doctor, right?  We need the milk of God’s Word to grow, then as we age, we begin to chew the tender meat, while working our way up to the Spiritual T-Bone that God has so delicately prepared for us.

Christian Questions - Blog Series - Week One

Over the next several weeks, we will be diving into God’s Word, and answering over 100 questions (14 this week – because less is more!) asked about God, His Word and Christian doctrines, beginning with the milk (the basics), the easy flowing Scriptures that will help a new Christian begin to Grow.  And for the aged Christian, it’s good to have God’s Word in the Scriptures, to answer these questions, when and if you are asked.

This series is great for Personal Study, Sunday School and Bible Study Groups.  Each week is complete with Printables!  The Christian Questions Series comes with a set of Questions and Scripture Answers and The Questions with Scripture Reference Only.  Two great options for your study needs.

Can You Put A Price On Your Virtue?

June 20, 2017 by Amanda Hougas

A ruby is one of the world’s most beautiful gems.  Uncut, they are not much to look at though, just a beautifully colored little blob.  Recently, an 11 carat, uncut ruby was selling on Ebay for $1,090, just roughtly under $100 per carat.  Once that ruby is purchased, it will be cut into beautiful shapes and polished, added to a setting and become a gorgeous piece of jewelry.  This is where the money magic happens.  A cut and polished Ruby is of more value, than in its original form.  The price, if done correctly, can jump from $100 per carat to $15,000 – per carat – so in all actuality, that little blob is worth over $165,000.  Of course this all depends on its origin, color, size and clarity.

Solomon, while explaining life to his son, told him that a virtuous woman, that is a woman who lives and upright and moral life is worth more than rubies.  Rubies, although I own none, are not a rare gem.  You can find them, mine them, and purchase them if you have the right resources.  So why would a virtuous woman be worth more than that?  Through your day today, look around.  Watch the women you come into contact with on a daily basis.  How much virtue do you see?  On Facebook alone, the virtue is literally nil.  But a woman who loves God and lives a clean, moral and upright life… now that, my friend is a rarity!  That is why her price is FAR above rubies.

The Lord Used A Wasp! How This Little "Freak Me Out" Insect Taught Me Something Today

June 14, 2017 by Amanda Hougas

My girls love to look out their bedroom window.  They do it every single day.  The birds, cars and neighbors coming leaving and coming, excites them like crazy.  When they woke up this morning, we did our normal routine of going into their room, pulling back the curtains and opening up the blinds, if the weather is nice, up goes the window.  This MUST be done or we have some seriously mom fail issues – ha!

The Lord Used A Wasp!  How this little "freak me out" insect taught me something today.

It was beautiful when we woke up this morning.  When I pulled the blind this morning, I noticed a wasp clinging to the screen, on the inside.  Explaining to two 20 month old girls that you can’t open the window is a feat in itself, but having to tell them the bug they are trying to catch through the glass is BAD/HURT for them, well that was a monumental task.  They don’t know BAD/HURT yet!  The worse that has happened to them in their life time is that they have fallen down in the driveway.  Seriously, last week we had to stop Weeb from trying to catch a yellow jacket.