A Sermon Each Day Helps A Right Spirit Stay! 30 Sermons For Your April 2017 Preaching Playlist

This month, I am challenging myself to listen to one sermon each day.  When my heart and Spirit are right, I love me some good preaching!  Since my church now streams its services live (and archived) on YouTube, I have not visited the Sermon Archives of the Website.  Tonight, I was remembering a sermon and thought about those archives.  After popping over there, I realized how many great sermons the Lord has allowed me to hear since 2008, (when they started archiving them online.)  A handful of the preachers I have had the privilege to set under are now in Heaven.  What a blessing to be able to go back and hear those precious words of wisdom, love and sometimes sternness again!

April 2017 - Preaching Playlist - 30 Sermons - A Sermon Each Day, Helps A Right Spirit Stay | My Daily Benefits

Every day in April, I will be listening to a sermon from my “days gone by.”  A time when I sat starving for the Word of God and could not get enough.  I still hunger for God’s Word, but like many Christians, I now set properly at the Spiritual table, hands folded and manners at the ready.  Time and life change how we approach and react to the preaching we are getting.  I would not trade those first years of “I never heard that before” messages for anything!  Here’s my Preaching Playlist for April 2017.  I encourage you to and hope that you will listen with me each day, or just pick a few from the list, it’s all up to you.  You can view the entire Happy Valley Baptist Church Archives (2008-2015) here.

Bro. Eddie Wyatt is the Pastor of Happy Valley Baptist Church, my church home.

  1.    Ain't Nothing Better Than Jesus, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  2.    Your Redemption Draweth Nigh, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  3.    To Be Active But Not Burning, Caleb Huling, 2008
  4.    Be Content With Your Calling, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  5.    A Little Nail, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  6.    When Satan Attacks, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  7.    Let's Go To The Well, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  8.    Things Waiting At The End, Carl Partain, 2008
  9.    Uncertainty, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  10.    In An Evil Place, Neil Smith, 2008
  11.    What Should We Pray For?Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  12.    Is He Still Working On You?, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  13.    Working On The Farm, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  14.    Looking In The Mirror, Freddy Young, 2008
  15.    Important Words, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  16.    The Way Forward Is Often Backwards, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  17.    There Is Still Victory With Jesus, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  18.    We Need Revival, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  19.    Sowing And Reaping, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  20.    Things Remembered, Eddie Wyatt, 2008
  21.    We Ought To Be Automatic, Tony Shirley, 2008 
  22.    Sit Still, Doug Fisher, 2008
  23.    Back To The Sweet Spot, Barry Ferguson, 2008
  24.    I Am Not Ashamed, Roger Henson, 2008
  25.    How You Look At It, Tony Shirley, 2008
  26.    The Lion Has Come Up, Roger Henson, 2008
  27.    Two Kings In The Kingdom, Jonathan McNeese, 2008
  28.    No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus, Harry Nix, 2008
  29.    Matchless Grace Of Jesus, Harry Nix, 2008
  30.    Prayer, Todd Thompson, 2008
There's the list!  30 Amazing Sermons from days gone by.  These are from the 2008 archives list.  Numbers 21 - 29 are from the Camp Meeting (Revival Meeting) from the same year.

Does your church put their Sermons online?  Comment with the link, I'd love to check them out!

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