A Sermon Each Day Helps A Right Spirit Stay! 30 Sermons For Your April 2017 Preaching Playlist

This month, I am challenging myself to listen to one sermon each day.  When my heart and Spirit are right, I love me some good preaching!  Since my church now streams its services live (and archived) on YouTube, I have not visited the Sermon Archives of the Website.  Tonight, I was remembering a sermon and thought about those archives.  After popping over there, I realized how many great sermons the Lord has allowed me to hear since 2008, (when they started archiving them online.)  A handful of the preachers I have had the privilege to set under are now in Heaven.  What a blessing to be able to go back and hear those precious words of wisdom, love and sometimes sternness again!

April 2017 - Preaching Playlist - 30 Sermons - A Sermon Each Day, Helps A Right Spirit Stay | My Daily Benefits

Every day in April, I will be listening to a sermon from my “days gone by.”  A time when I sat starving for the Word of God and could not get enough.  I still hunger for God’s Word, but like many Christians, I now set properly at the Spiritual table, hands folded and manners at the ready.  Time and life change how we approach and react to the preaching we are getting.  I would not trade those first years of “I never heard that before” messages for anything!  Here’s my Preaching Playlist for April 2017.  I encourage you to and hope that you will listen with me each day, or just pick a few from the list, it’s all up to you.  You can view the entire Happy Valley Baptist Church Archives (2008-2015) here.