7 Benefits of Drinking MORE Water

Diabetic Life Truth:  You can do just about anything to raise your blood sugar level and almost nothing to bring it back down naturally.  Aside from taking your Diabetic medications, you are not getting that sugar down quickly at all.  Even the medications take time to work.  So, remember when dealing with your blood sugars they are quick to rise and slow to fall.

7 Benefits of Drinking MORE Water - Your body seriously needs you to!

One of the only ways (and seriously recommended) to rid your body of excess sugar is through urination.  Gross Factor:  When your body’s blood sugar is high, your urine will smell sickly sweet.  Yep – Yuck!  The kidneys filter out some of the glucose (sugars) from your blood and distribute them into your bladder.  A trip to the restroom and voilà!  A little bit of sugar down the drain.  Hmmm… I will have to harness my inner Mary Poppins for a song later – Oh boy!  “A bladder full of tee-tee helps the sugar go down,” No – let’s just not go there – and we are moving on.

You can also do exercises to bring down your blood sugar.  Light, low impact exercises.  This is not recommended if your blood sugar is elevated past 200.  Why?  Stress.  Your bodies response to stress is elevated blood sugar.  Seriously, a papercut and you are shooting up 100 points – it’s ridiculous!  So, when your sugar is high and you add activity (including low impact sometimes), your body sees it as stress and will continue to elevate your blood sugar level.  


Why is drinking water important in the first place?  60% of your body is made up of water.  Water is key for good circulation, digestion and keeping your body temperature regulated.  Consuming water daily improves your energy and overall mood, while flushing away toxins and decreasing headaches.

Dehydrated?  How can you tell?  The main answer for this one goes back to the restroom.  Our urine can tell so much about our bodies.  As we grossly discussed earlier, you can tell if your blood sugar is high by it’s smell.  Dehydration, can be detected by it’s color.  Hydrated bodies will dispel urine that won’t have much color.  Your urine should be somewhere close to the color of lemon juice (if not clearer).  If your urine is very dark in color, it is a sign that you are not drinking enough water during your day.  Other symptoms of dehydration include skin that is dry and inelastic, headaches, constipation and random hunger pains.  Often when we feel hungry, our bodies are actually thirsty and want a drink.  Try it out, drinking one glass of water has been shown to shut down hunger pains.  Feeling fatigued?  Grab a glass of water, drinking water can pep you up and increase your energy.

Keeping your body hydrated is a great way to make sure that you can in fact relieve yourself of that filtered blood sugar.  Diabetics can dehydrate easily anyway, so making sure that you get enough water during the day is key.  This kind of does not make sense to me seeing how one of the main symptoms of Diabetes is frequent urination.  Yeah, I don’t know, just drink plenty of water and keep those kidneys open and flowing.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that 75% of Americans are severely dehydrated.  How much water should you be consuming each day?  The recommended amount for ladies is 2.7 liters each day.  That totals out to 11 cups, or 88 fluid ounces.  Guys need a bit more each day and they should be drinking 3.7 liters, which gives them an extra 4 cups of water to the ladies, and a whopping 120 fluid ounces of water each day.


Your Body’s Health Risks Will Decrease
The New England Journal of Medicine reported that drinking just five glasses of water on a daily basis will decrease your risk of colon cancer by 45%.  Breast cancer risks decrease by 70% and bladder cancer risks go down by 50%.  Staying hydrated can also increase your immune system which will help you be sick less – this is always a good thing.  Loma Linda University in California conducted a study showing that Women who drank water during their day were 41% less likely to have a heart attack, while men who chug-a-lug, are 54% less likely to have a heart attack.

Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally – A Little
I know I covered this one in the opening sentences of this post, but for Diabetics it’s a big deal to get that sugar low.  Do not – I repeat Do Not – stop taking your medication in hopes that going to the bathroom will keep your sugar in check.  You need your medications!  I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice I am giving you.  I am Type 2 Diabetic and when my sugar gets high, I will drink more water, and chill (if possible) and try to use the bathroom frequently WHILE WAITING FOR MY MEDICATION TO KICK IN.

Your Body Will Naturally Detox
Water is a natural lubricant in the body.  When you are properly hydrated, your body can naturally detox itself by flushing out the toxins from your body as your kidneys filter your blood.  Not only does it help to “flush” them out, in the literal sense, it also keeps the nutrients your body needs flowing to where they need to go.  If you are not drinking enough water daily, your kidney’s will not be able to do their job and you are going to be hanging on to those toxins instead of eliminating them.

Your Brain Will Thank You In More Ways Than One
The brain is made up mostly of water, think of it as refilling yourself when you drink it.  By giving your brain more water it will help you focus, concentrate and be more alert.  Your energy levels will get a boost as well.  Did you know headaches are commonly caused by dehydration?  Drinking more water will help to relieve those headaches and some back pains too.  When you are functioning at your best, you will be happy and feel amazing!

Your Skin Will Be Floating – I Mean Glowing!
Since our skin is our biggest organ and made up of mostly water, it would make sense that it needs to be replenished, to keep it smooth, elastic and wrinkle free.  Keeping the toxins away and that skin hydrated will make a huge difference in it’s appearance.  Loosing just 2% of your body’s water can show on your skin.  That’s why after you have not had any for a while, your skin will feel dry and look dull.  Keeping your skin hydrated will give you a younger, fresher look.  It’s natural anti-aging – who does not love that?

Your Hair Will Flow With Moisture
Okay, the puns are unmanageable now, but your hair does not have to be – oh no!  Seriously though, stronger hair grows faster.  By consuming the proper amounts of water, your hair will become stronger.  Also, since you are flushing those toxins out, it will begin to grow faster.  You will also lessen breakage because you are hydrating your locks from the inside out.  Interesting note, 25% of your hair’s weight is water – back to the replenishing game again.

You Will Have Fresher Breath – Yes Puhlease!
By drinking water throughout the day, you will be washing away potential breath killers!  When the mouth becomes dry, bacteria can set in and grow giving you a stinky situation in tight quarters.  It’s also a good idea to swish your mouth with water after you eat, loosening any particles wedged in there that can also lead to smelly breath.

The bottom line here would be that water is A-MAZING for every aspect of your body!  You will feel, look and be a happier more moisturized person if you will take the time to drink a little more each day.  So how about it?  Will you take the plunge (here I go again,) and drink more water tomorrow?

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