Are You Eligible To Get A Free Book Each Month? Here's How My Girls Get One Free Book A Month. {Georgia Residents}

What was your favorite childhood book?  You know the one I mean, your parents didn’t even have to finish the sentences, because you had them memorized already.  I can still remember the first time I pointed out that my dad had skipped a word in a book.  You could have tipped him with a feather, h aha good times!  My Dad’s in Heaven now, and so thankful for the times we spend when I was younger reading books.

Residents of Georgia can receive one free book a month through this program.  |  My Daily Benefits

Now as a Mama, I get to share that same joy with my kids.  It is amazing how much they love books, especially Buggie.  She is a book worm already.  Weeb, she can take them or leave them, but not her sister.  She wakes up and grabs a book.  We have read 10 Trick or Treaters and Five Little Pumpkins, so much that I have them both memorized.  We even have a game for Five Little Pumpkins, where they run down the hall and I tell the story, they are pretending to “roll out of sight!”  It’s great!

7 Benefits of Drinking MORE Water

Diabetic Life Truth:  You can do just about anything to raise your blood sugar level and almost nothing to bring it back down naturally.  Aside from taking your Diabetic medications, you are not getting that sugar down quickly at all.  Even the medications take time to work.  So, remember when dealing with your blood sugars they are quick to rise and slow to fall.

7 Benefits of Drinking MORE Water - Your body seriously needs you to!

One of the only ways (and seriously recommended) to rid your body of excess sugar is through urination.  Gross Factor:  When your body’s blood sugar is high, your urine will smell sickly sweet.  Yep – Yuck!  The kidneys filter out some of the glucose (sugars) from your blood and distribute them into your bladder.  A trip to the restroom and voilĂ !  A little bit of sugar down the drain.  Hmmm… I will have to harness my inner Mary Poppins for a song later – Oh boy!  “A bladder full of tee-tee helps the sugar go down,” No – let’s just not go there – and we are moving on.

My Rainbow Post - So That I Will Remember

The fourth Wednesday in February, was my turn to work in our nursery at church.  I have been working in the nursery since before we became members.  Two years ago, I would have told you that I worked nursery to spend time with the kids, because, well, I didn’t have any.  But I noticed tonight, that my time in the nursery is spent much differently now.  Yes, I still watch other people’s children, but I also get to watch my own.  The children that doctors, family and everybody (basically) said I would never have.

I watched my very introverted child, play with friends, read books, and find herself among the crowd.  While my extrovert child, ran the show (she thought).  Poopy diapers no longer freak out my nose.  A child who is crying, gets a different kind of attention than they did before.  My conversations are different now, they lean towards the progress we are making at home, what we ate that made our diaper explode and the newest thing out there for toddlers.