A New First
Setting A Theme For My Year

Truth time… I have never actually chosen a theme for a year in my life before.  It’s just always been, “Hey, it’s 2012!”  This year I am stepping it up a notch both in my Spiritual Life and my Physical Life.  Last year, I found myself saying, I just want to be happy, way more than I should have.  I struggled with the day to day tasks of my home, my Bible reading, prayer time and just about every other area you can think of.  While I was on my break in December, I sat down and thought about what is going on.  Why am I having such a hard time with getting it together.  The number one answer that kept coming up was – ME! 

Setting A Theme for 2017

I have the worst time management on the planet!  I think that the scripture “Redeeming the time…” yeah, that was put in there for me – go ahead, just write my name next to it.  After doing some trolling online for various ways to get it together, I came across a Four Day Mini Course at Living Well Spending Less.  To begin with, I signed up for this course to get help organizing and planning for this blog.  Little did I know, that while I was listening to the lesson videos, that I would find help I needed for my every day life.

This course explains how to set Big Goals for yourself and break them into little segments to make it less overwhelming when thinking Big – to actually achieve the goal you set!  This has been my problem.  I set goals and they seem so unreachable that by the time I get started, I have already given up.  Well, not this time!  I was not only inspired to set Big Goals for my actual life (home, family, and blog), but also for my Spiritual life.  This prompted me to set a Big Goal for this year!  Yes, I will be Living Peachy-Keen in 2017!

I love the saying, Peachy-Keen, it’s not something you hear anymore, but I think it should totally make a come back.  I looked up the definition and it’s defined as Outstanding!  Yes!  That is it – I am thinking BIG and setting a goal for this year to be 100% Peachy-Keen! 

If there was one woman in the Bible who I believe had the Peachy-Keen life, it’s the Proverbs 31 Woman.  She has some amazing attributes about herself.  The one that I love the most, is that the “Heart of her husband doth safely trust in her…”  I would love to be able to say, my husband’s hear safely trusts in me.  What a testimony as a wife, then her children rise up and call her blessed!  Come on – this woman has an Outstanding life.  How awesome is it that God not only shared her story with us, but laid out a verse by verse check list that we can use today to pattern ourselves after her.  In 2017 attempting to follow her Virtuous footsteps is my plan.

So here goes nothing!  I am thinking BIG and planning to have an Outstanding 2017!  Do you have BIG plans for yourself this year?  Share it with us, so we can strive to reach our goals together!

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