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As a society, a wife is measured by many things:  how she keeps her house, her clothes, her car, her attitude, Facebook posts and many more.  One major thing wives seem to be measured by are their children.  I am constantly viewing blogs on Pinterest that have to do with being a "Godly Wife" and at the very top of the list is how you relate your children with your husband.  I believe these are very important things, don't get me wrong, but . . . what if you are not like other wives?  What if you don't have or cannot conceive children?  Does this make you less of a wife in God's eyes?  How about the eyes of the world? See, there are many, many questions that derive from putting a wife and mother in the same category boat.

What does it take to be a mother?  There is only one requirement or supply that a woman needs to be a mother... CHILDREN.  Whether they belong to them biologically, through adoption, or via the step parent relationship...  children are pretty much a must have to be a mother. 

What does it take to be a wife?  Again, there is only one requirement or supply that a woman needs to be a wife... A HUSBAND.  Whether she be a good wife or a bad wife, she cannot be either one without first having a husband.

Now, looking at the requirements and supplies to be a mother and a wife, we see that a woman who has a Husband (and is the wife), and children becomes a mother.  It's simple... I know.  But a woman who has a husband (this makes her a wife) and has no children, in fact, is not and cannot be, a mother.  So it would make sense, to host a huge variety of "Godly Wife (without children)" material in the world.  This does not happen, somehow, it always comes across as if you are a Wife, you MUST eventually become a mother.

The Bible gives some of the most wonderful of God's Benefits for the Barren Wife | How To Shift Your Focus | My Daily Benefits

What if you CAN'T?  Most women who don't become mothers, don't by choice.  What if you have no choice?  The body is effected by so many variables in life, that there can and are inherited and physical infirmities that cause a woman not to be able to have children.  These women, usually are the ones who so desperately want to make that leap from just being someone's wife, to being someone's mother.  The Bible refers to the women who can't have children as being Barren.

The Barren woman, that wants children so bad, she's almost willing to do anything, has to depend on God's Daily Load of Benefits more and more.  There is nowhere in the world you can go that does not have children in it.  If a drunk is freed from his stumbling block, he has an out.  Don't go where there is alcohol.  If a drug addict is freed from his stumbling block, the same out applies, don't go where the drugs are.  But if a woman, who is stumbled by not having children, what is her out?  Everywhere you go, there are children.  A constant reminder of the one thing you want to do, and can't.  Here are your Daily Load of Benefits from God's Word.

Be Mindful . . . Satan WILL Use It Against You!
"He evil entreateth the barren that beareth not..." {Job 24:21}  If anyone can tell us the evils of Satan, it's Job.  He knew that the devil would use the desire of our hearts and the infirmities of our bodies to turn us against the things of God.  "God, it's not fair!" "Why won't God give me..."  I know I have uttered those words when Satan has come knocking on my Barren door.  Not only will he try to turn you against God, but God's people!  So be mindful how you deal with your emotional responses to Satan's entreating.

Be Satisfied . . . Say It Is Enough!
"The horseleach hath two daughters, crying, Give, give.  There are three things that are never satisfied,  yea, four things say not, It is enough:  The grave; and the barren womb; the earth that is not filled with water; and the fire that saith not, It is enough."  {Proverbs 30:15-16}  Satisfaction, is not just a song to be sung.  We need to realize that what we are given NOW, It Is Enough!  If God has not seen fit, to bless you with children, be satisfied.  A person who is never satisfied with what they are given, makes for a dismal companion.  Men do not have the desire to "birth" something, it's just not in them.  They are the providers.  They want to supply all your needs with God's help.  An unsatisfied Barren woman, is constantly making her husband fell like he's not doing, being, or giving enough.

God's Benefits for the Barren Wife | Shifting Your Focus | My Daily Benefits

Be Thankful . . . Some Have It Worse!
"Sing, O barren, thou that didst not bear; break forth into singing, and cry aloud, thou that didst not travail with child:  for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife, saith the Lord." {Isaiah 54:1}  "For it is written, Rejoice, thou barren that bearest not; break for and cry, thou that travailest not:  for the desolate hath many more children than she which hath an husband."  {Galatians 4:27}  This is not a new concept to God, the childless wife.  It is also not new to God that there are children who are not taken care of, both physically and spiritually.  A mother who cannot provide food for her hungry children, is a mother who carries a broken heart.  She is made desolate, by not being able to give her children what they need.  And YES!  There are more children in the world that are going without, than those who cannot have children.  In the state of America, so many live in desolation everyday.  So it would not be wrong, (apparently because God said it) to be Thankful that you do not have children that you cannot provide, care, minister and mother.  I should think it would be better to never have, than to have and not be able to care for.   "For, behold, the days are coming, in which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck."  {Luke 23:29}

Be Hopeful . . . Don't Stop Praying!
"And they had no child, because that Elisabeth was barren, and they both were not well stricken in years."  {Luke 1:7}  "And behold, they cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age:  and this is the six month with her, WHO WAS CALLED BARREN."  {Luke 1:36}  Elisabeth, Hannah, Sarah and probably countless others who are not mentioned in Scripture, were in the same state as us.  They didn't give up hope, they continued on . . . AND GOD BLESSED THEM TO BECOME MOTHERS!!

God knew there would be childless wives, that is why he prepared in His Word, how to cope with such a state as this.  Whether it be an infirmity, timing, or a completely unexplained reason for no children, God still has a purpose for you.  Don't let this one thing (though it is a BIG thing) stunt your growth and Spiritual walk with God.  That is your purpose, His plan, and your greatest blessing!

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POST UPDATE 05/08/2016

In April 2015, when I originally wrote this post, I was at the end of my tether.  God was not answering my prayers for children and I was done!  After reading the Scriptures that I posted above the Lord spoke to me and said, "Am I enough?"  "Can you serve me if I never give you children?"  Taking some time to think it over, I realized . . . YES!  God is enough, and YES!  I can and will serve him.  After making this decision, I stopped thinking about having children.  God was enough (and he still is).  Fourteen days later, my husband and I were approached and asked to adopt our daughters.  Talk about timing!  It has been over a year since God answered my prayers for children.  Bare in mind that those prayers were prayed for over 15 years.  Sometimes God just wants to know he's enough and that we are going to love, serve and honor him . . . no matter what.  I am still a barren wife, but through God's grace, I am now a mother, celebrating my very first mother's day.  Yes!  God is good!

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