The Wages of a Godly Mother

Dr. Bob Kelly shines the spotlight on Jochebed, the mother of Moses.  She lived by a courageous faith in perilous times.  In doing so she produced a son who was accountable to God and whose life work would touch his contemporaries and every generation to follow.

Jochebed saw her motherhood as a stewardship from God, which meant that God alone was responsible for her "wages" -- but what wages they were!  When Moses led the people of Israel across the Red Sea, Jochebed received her wages!  When Moses built the Tabernacle, Jochebed received her wages!  She is listed in the hall of heroes of the Faith (Hebrews 11) along with her son.  Her heavenly bank account had been built from hours of instruction and prayer and toil and sacrifice.  She gave Israel and the world one of their greatest sons, Moses, a true giant among the greatest men of history.

There are many great women in the Bible that we should study as example.  Since the newest chapter of our lives is beginning, I find that my examples are changing.  For years now, I've studied how to be a wife, homemaker, teacher, etc.  But now, it seems my area of study is shifting to that of Godly Mothers.  God's Word may not be as "up to date" (to some) as What to Expect... but it is the basis for which parents should be raising their children.

I recently read The Wages of a Godly Mother, a look at Jochebed, the mother of Moses.  Here is what the pamphlet book says of her:

1. She had courage in perilous times.
2. She clave to a law that was preeminent.
3. She constructed an ark for her child's protection.
4. She depended on the Lord, to give her her wages.

By using Jochebed, Dr. Bob Kelly, explains that raising children and being a Godly Mother, depends more on Faith and less on self.  He begins by explaining that it should begin with Salvation.  Yes, a Godly Mother cannot be so, unless she is a child of God.

Click Here to get your copy of The Wages of a Godly Mother, from Sword of the Lord Publishers for $0.75 (plus shipping).  You can also find this at a few Christian Bookstores.  The material in this booklet would make amazing Sunday School Lessons!