Do This 30 Minutes A Day To Prevent Diaper Rash

by - July 17, 2016

If working the nursery at church has taught me anything, it's that diaper rashes can be serious business.  Not only are they painful, but they are going to make your little one the most miserable little thing. 

One thing we discussed in detail before the girls were born was diaper rash.  Once you've seen a raw and swollen bottom, and listened to the child it's attached to scream the scream of death when they go pee, it becomes a serious topic of conversation.  After talking about different methods of preventing it, this is what we came up with and it has worked amazingly!  11 months in and we've had NO diaper rash to date.

When it comes to keeping the bottom dry and rash free we simply air out daily.  This was easy when the girls were first born.  Now that they are moving all over the house, it's a little more tricky.  Oops, there's a wet spot.  Before the girls became mobile, each day I would take their diapers off and lay them on a waterproof bed mat.  We have a reusable (completely washable - thank God) from the hospital.  You can pick them up fairly inexpensively in stores or online. has Beck's Reusable Washable Bed Pads for around $3.00 each for 18x24.  Great for your little layers.

The girls would lay there 10 minutes or so, and then we usually had to switch to a towel because one or both girls would relieve themselves.  As they got older, they could lay there longer without needing to be put on a towel.

If you have free range, inside dogs, like we do, airing out a crawler becomes a little more tricky.  We now have to worry about dog hair.  Weeby takes off as soon as she hits the floor, diaper or no diaper.  To keep the girls clean while they are airing now, I just bought a pack of little girls panties.  It's absolutely adorable watching them scoot and craw away with Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins on their bottoms.  

Both girls now go around 30, sometimes 45 (not usually) minutes without going potty.  So they get their air out time and keep it clean!  Just remember if they do relieve themselves to take the panties off quickly.  Wet cloth rubbing on the floor up against their backsides will also cause a rash.

This method will work with little boys as well.  You will just want to make sure that they have a tee-pee cover or other coverings while they are little.  You'll have streams flowing everywhere if you don't!  Older children who are still in diapers or pull-ups at night, as well as children who have severe diarrhea will also benefit from airing out.  

Food, drinks and sickness can also cause diaper rash.  Whenever I notice a little redness on the girls, I use a diaper cream.  By the end of the day or the next morning, usually the redness is gone and everything is back to normal.  We had a lot of diaper rash creams to try from Babies R Us.  When you attend an event they give you samples in a goodies bag.  My two favorite creams to date are Dr. Smith's (They offer a great variety of products) and Equate (Walmart Brand).  I have also used A&D Cream that was given to me at my baby shower.  All three of these creams are available at Walmart.

I hope that his will help you keep your little one from getting diaper rash from wetness.  Food and drink rashes are most times unavoidable, but you can 100% keep way a wet bottom diaper rash.  

I'd love to hear your diaper rash prevention methods.  What products or methods are you using?


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